the agenda

Our speakers include some of the industry's most sought-after marketing leaders and commentators and represent some of the UK's leading brands. 



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Jenny Biggam

Jenny Biggam

Jenny Biggam

the agenda

Our speakers include some of the industry's most sought-after marketing leaders and commentators and represent some of the UK's leading brands. 

the agenda

Our speakers include some of the industry's most sought-after marketing leaders and commentators and represent some of the UK's leading brands. 


Elizabeth Fagan

SVP and Non-Executive Chairman, Boots UK & ROI

ISBA President


ISBA President Elizabeth Fagan looks back at the past 12 months of industry developments and ISBA's role. 

Building back trust

Keith Weed

Chief Marketing Officer



Insights from Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever. 

Setting the agenda

Phil Smith

Director General



An overview from ISBA's Director General, Phil Smith.

Working in partnership to reduce harm

Commander Clarke Jarrett

Counter Terrorism Command

New Scotland Yard


What is the link between terrorism and advertising? How can brands avoid inadvertently funding terror organisations.

Authentic Purpose

eBay UK

Vice President

Rob Hattrell

What eBay is doing to ensure consumer trust in the brand. 




In conversation with...



Mark Read

Appointed CEO of WPP in 2018 and having transformed Wunderman into one of the world's leading digital agencies, Mark Read has cemented his position as one of the industry's most successful and respected agency figures.


In conversation with ISBA DG, Phil Smith, Mark will share his views and outline his vision for the future as a 21st Century CEO.


Reframing the media agency relationship

Tracy Clark

Head of Procurement, Marketing & Communications



Director, Media Assurance

Neal Deeprose

OmniGOV at Manning Gottlieb OMD


Paul Knight


Chief Market Strategist, EMEA

Nigel Gilbert


Clients and agencies are ultimately looking for the same thing - a long-term relationship that delivers value to both sides, in which the agency delivers high-quality service, great campaign service, and commercial transparency, in exchange for proper remuneration.  In this session, PwC, the UK Government and Manning Gottlieb OMD will explain how these concepts were put into practice in the UK Government's media buying pitch process and subsequent transition

Sam Tomlinson



Building sustainable relationships

Clients and media agencies need to rebalance their relationship; clients want commercial transparency and effectiveness, and agencies want fairer remuneration via better alignment of marketing and procurement and to be able to invest in systems and talent.
The U.K. is now recognised as the most progressive market in the world for client/media agency remuneration and contractual arrangements, with some pioneering clients working with their agencies to move the dial forwards, pledging fairer remuneration in return for more open commercial arrangements.
In 2018 ISBA and IPA created a Joint industry initiative bringing together progressive and pioneering marketers, media agency heads and senior marketing procurement specialists to see if they could crack the nut!  Members of this working group will share insights gleaned from working together for the past year and outline some of the outputs from this pioneering group.

Jenny Biggam


The 7 Stars


Senior Vice-President

Nick Manning

Martin Telling


Omnicom Media Group

Carly Bedford

Group Head of Media


Jane Dormer

Group Marketing & digital Procurement Director



Transformation and challenge


Brexit & Media Reporter

Joe Mayes

David was appointed CEO in 2015, at a time when the media industry was forced to face some of its most significant challenges and threats to the business models. In partnership with editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, David implemented a pioneering strategy based on deep relationships with readers to set the Guardian on the path to financial sustainability.



In conversation with Joe Mayes, David will share how the Guardian defied the critics and turned its business around - pushing its growing US and Australian operations into profitability, developing its advertising offering and generating over one million financial contributions from supporters.


David Pemsel

Chief Executive Officer

Guardian Media Group



Media 2024: what does the future look like?

What does the future look like? People in advertising are always trying to find solid ground under their feet and direction for their endeavours and ambitions – our business changes incessantly in response to trends and challenges.


It’s also clear that when we focus too much on the past, our tendency to resist change grows stronger. A panel of industry experts will share their vision for the industry in 5 years time and maybe longer.

Tess Alps




Global Media Director

Gerry D'Angelo


Ads Marketing Director

Nishma Robb


VP Northern Europe

Steve Hatch 

David Dinsmore

Chief Operating Officer

News UK


Trust and transparency in influencer marketing

A year ago Keith Weed called for urgent action to tackle influencer fraud. Unilever’s VP of Media talks about how they have addressed these risks and if trust has been rebuilt in the influencer marketing channel.

Sarah Mansfield

VP Global Media



The end of influencer marketing as we know it?

Dominic Smales and social influencer, Jonathan Saccone Joly discuss if this really is the end of influencer marketing as we know it? 

Jonathan Saccone Joly




Dom Smales

CEO & Founder

Gleam Futures

Beyond measurement: creating a culture of effectiveness

Libby Child

Founding Partner

Greengrass Consulting

Dr. Nick Pugh


Head of Effectiveness


Mark Evans

Marketing Director

Direct Line Group


formerly Global EVP Commercial Operations & Production

Janet Markwick

Jon Webb

Managing Partner

Gain Theory



Inside ISBA's Diversity and Inclusion Network

ISBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Network has a big ambition,  to work with ISBA members and the wider industry to ensure, by 2025,  that all marketing communications/ advertising produced is fully representative of contemporary society.  


This panel of senior marketers, passionate about driving change, will share their views on this important industry issue. 

Kerry Chilvers

Brand Director

Direct Line


Chair of Aviva Balance

Anna Dilku


Director of External Relations

Tanya Joseph


Boots UK & Ireland

Marketing Director

Helen Normoyle

Guardian News & Media

Marketing Director

Sonia Sudhakar

Diversity on stage

Liam Bairstow has appeared in Coronation Street since September 2015 as Alex Warner, the nephew of Cathy Matthews.

Liam was born with Down's Syndrome and was discovered when the producers of Coronation Street ran a workshop for actors with disabilities named "Breaking Through". Impressed with his abilities, they offered him the role of Alex with Stuart Blackburn saying, "It's not some politically correct thing. We actually found there a really great actor with a wonderful sense of timing."
In Q&A with Tanya Joseph Liam will discuss his experience of inclusivity in the world of television.


Liam Bairstow



Director of External Relations

Tanya Joseph


Advertising in an open society 

How advertisers are increasingly important in shaping the nations and societies we live in. 

Philip Collins


The Times


Responsible advertising in a digital age

Hugely disruptive forces are now at play in wider society and in the sector: AI/machine learning, fake news, and a world where we can all be marketers. They are all challenging and changing our world and the sector is being shaped by them. As the public challenge the ‘settled ambivalence’ that they can control when and where they are advertised to, the industry must step forward and use its insight and creativity to lead the debate about responsible marketing in a digital age.

Matthew Taylor

Chief Executive



Closing remarks

A review of the key takeaways from the Conference. 

Phil Smith

Director General



Drinks Reception


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